Mackenthun’s Bagging Fundraiser 

Thank you for your interest in Mackenthun’s Fine Foods bagging fundraiser. We receive requests from many organizations concerning this very successful fundraising event. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor all requests. Please review the Fundraising Guidelines below to determine if your group can satisfy the requirements for this event. Should your group decide to participate in this fundraiser, please call Ed Gardeski at 442-2512 Ext. 764 or e-mail 

Complete and submit the bagging fundraiser application on our website. After the information is received, our committee will review the requests and award the available dates. Groups will then be contacted and notified whether they have been awarded one of the Bagging Fundraiser dates. 

Recommended Dress Code: 

  • Please wear a shirt identifying your group. 
  • Mackenthun’s requires nametags for all members. 
  • Black or khaki pants are preferred; no blue jeans please. 
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn for safety reasons. 

Bagging Directions: 

  • Please review Mackenthun’s bagging instructions before you proceed with your bagging fundraiser. Each member should be trained in proper bagging techniques. 
  • No eating or drinking while bagging groceries. Please take your breaks in our employee break room. 
  • Do not ask for tips. The tip containers are there for the customers to tip if they choose. 
  • Ask each customer if they would like their groceries bagged. Some customers prefer to bag their own. 
  • Please ask customers if they prefer plastic, paper, or reusable bags. 
  • Take special care to make sure each customer receives all of their groceries before moving on to bag the next order. 
  • Remember to thank each customer! 

Group Responsibilities: 

  • Designate at least one adult each shift as a group leader. 
  • Divide hours for bagging into shifts, making sure all hours are covered. Please provide Mackenthun’s with this list prior to the fundraiser. 
  • For our Dollar Days events, we require a total of 19 baggers on duty throughout the day from 9:00am to 10:00pm. Two baggers for each Mackenthun’s staffed check lane (8) and one bagger for each self checkout (3). There are a total of 11 check lanes. We suggest limiting your bagging shifts to 3 or 4 hours. 
  • For all other events, including holidays, we require 11 baggers on duty from 10:00am to 8:00pm. One bagger for each of 11 check lanes. We suggest limiting your shifts to 3 or 4 hours. Check lane #13 will be left unmanned for our customers that wish to bag their own groceries. Tip jars will still be allowed at this lane. 
  • Provide two posters (22'' × 28'') with information about your group, what you are raising funds for, and that you are bagging groceries for tips. Mackenthun’s posts these in prominent locations in the store. 
  • Provide 11 containers for tips and place them at the end of each check lane. Clearly mark the containers with your group’s information on them. Five quart ice cream pails or coffee cans work well. 
  • Please make sure each person bagging for your organization is able to answer questions about your group and what you are raising funds for. 
  • At the completion of your fundraiser, please notify Mackenthun's of the amount raised. Contact Ed Gardeski at 952- 442-2512 (ext. 764) or email

Good luck with your fundraiser! 

851 Marketplace Drive, Waconia, MN 55387 Main Line (952) 442-2512