Waconia Mack Shack Fundraiser Main

Thank you for your interest in Mackenthun’s outdoor Mack Shack fundraiser for non-profit organizations! The Mack Shack is available at Mackenthun’s from mid-April through the end of August. Please read the following information to determine if this fundraiser is right for your group.

To sign up, please click the button at the bottom of the page and fill out the fundraising request form.

The success of your fundraiser is determined your advertising strategy. Word-of-mouth marketing is a great start; inform the members of your organization and have them spread the word that you are fundraising at Mackenthun’s. Also, remember to have signage (especially large and clearly-written signs) that lists the organization name, fundraiser mission, fund distribution, and item price. This information is very important to potential contributors. Send your fundraising information and a picture of the group to marketing@mackenthuns.com at least one week prior, and they will create a promotion on Mackenthun’s social media. You may employ other creative marketing strategies with the approval of Mackenthun’s.

Questions? Contact Alyson at cs@mackenthuns.com

Your group will need to supply the following…

  • Grill (gas is recommended)
  • Grilling utensils
  • 1 roaster
  • 2-3 crock pots to keep cooked food warm
  • $200 start-up change fund
  • $50 cleaning deposit, which is refundable once the Mack Shack is properly cleaned and inspected

If your group is interested in raising funds through our Mack Shack program, please fill out our online application with the requested event dates. Mackenthun’s will call your contact within one week of receiving your application to confirm the fundraiser dates.