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Pump Perks

Save on groceries. Save on gas.

Pump Perks offers Mackenthun's customers (Waconia location only) discounts per gallon of gasoline when they purchase groceries at our store. Customers receive rewards every time they use their Mack’s Rewards or Pump Perks card.  Ask your cashier to get yours today!

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Mackenthun's Reward Card

Mackenthun's Pump Perks Reward Card

Three Easy Steps to Save on Groceries and Gas.

Step 1:

Now SAVE 5¢ per gallon (up to 15 gallons) for every $50 you spend.  Get your FREE Pump Perks card today.


Step 2:

At Mackenthun's (Waconia location only), your fuel discount will automatically be loaded to your Rewards card when you check out. You will also receive a receipt print out with your total fuel rewards available.

Step 3:

Redeem your Pump Perks Discounts at participating Holiday locations (Waconia, Cologne, Norwood, Bonifacius and Victoria, MN).

To Pay at the Pump:

  • • Swipe your credit or debit card
  • • When asked "Fuel Rewards Card" press "Yes"
  • • Swipe your Pump Perks card and your gas price will automatically rollback

To Pay Inside:

  • • Select the pay inside button
  • • Complete your purchase inside
  • • Give your Pump Perks card to the Holiday Associate to scan and redeem your fuel discount
It's easier than ever to save!  How much can YOU save on gas?
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