Old Home Plain Sour Cream

No carrageenan. No preservatives. No artificial growth hormones (Our farmers pledge no artificial growth hormones. No significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non rbST treated cows). All natural. Naturally cultured. Quality foods since 1925. Savor the Flavor with Pure: Sour Cream. Makes whatever you love richer & creamier. Tastes great on potatoes, tacos & chili. Make delicious homemade dips. Perfect for casseroles & baked goods. Spoon up a smile! We thank you for supporting Old Home Foods. A trusted Minnesota family-run favorite since 1925. Old Home’s fourth generation, the Hanson sisters. Enjoy. No carrageenan or preservatives. Award winning quality from Old Home Foods. Pasteurized. Please recycle. Women owned.