Old Home Sour Cream Lean

Sour lean. All natural. Put a lid on MN hunger. OldHomeFoods.com. Real. Grade A. 50% less fat and 33% fewer calories than regular sour cream. Naturally cultured. Use in sauces, dips, salads. Only 20 calories per tablespoon. The tradition of quality started four generations ago when Granddad Hanson started a dairy in St. Paul. We take pride in our products and in our Minnesota family heritage. - The Hanson Family. Our naturally cultured Sour Lean begins with fresh milk. Beneficial live cultures are then added to produce the distinctive tangy taste of real dairy sour cream. Old Home Light Sour Cream: 40 calories; 2.5 g fat. Regular Sour Cream: 60 calories; 5 g fat per 2 tbsp serv. We value your comments and questions. Please call 1-800-628-8700. www.OldHomeFoods.com.