Fresh Express Complete Salad, Salsa Ensalada Supreme

Everything you need for a great tasting restaurant salad. Sour cream salsa dressing; Mexican 4-cheese blend; Blue & yellow corn tortilla strips; Chunky salsa; Iceberg & romaine. Restaurant style. Thoroughly washed. Ready to eat. Why we're so fresh! Cool and Crisp: Fresh Express cools our salads within hours of harvesting and keeps them cold all the way to the store. Washed & Ready: All Fresh Express salads are thoroughly washed, rinsed and gently dried, then sealed in a Keep-Crisp bag for long lasting freshness without preservatives. Delivered Fresh Daily: Fresh Express delivers the freshest salads to your store everyday. Complete, right down to the dressing! Want to enjoy South of the Border flavor sensations without ever leaving, your kitchen? Blend our chef-inspired rich and creamy Cafe Fresh Sour Cream Salsa Dressing with our mild, chunky salsa for an authentic and delicious Mexican restaurant-style taste experience. Our finely balanced Mexican 4-cheese blend, including smooth Queso Quesadilla and Asadero cheeses, joined by our crunchy, lightly seasoned Corn Tortilla Strips, offer perfectly matched flavor accents to top off our fresh bed of crispy Iceberg and classic Romaine. Una Ensalada perfecto! To kick it up a notch, try adding jalapenos - or seasoned beef or chicken. With Fresh Express Restaurant-Style Salsa Ensalada! Supreme, you have everything you need to enjoy a premium restaurant style salad that you'll love, right at home.