Essential Everyday Cereals, Nutty Nuggets, Wheat & Barley, Crunchy

A low fat part of your heart healthy diet. While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol. May reduce the risk of this disease. 52 g whole grain per serving. 0 g trans fat per serving. No high fructose corn syrup. A cholesterol free food. Per 1/2 Cup: 200 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 280 mg sodium (12% DV); 5 g total sugars; 7 g fiber (27% DV); 16.2 mg iron (90% DV). By Instinct! Wild & wacky animal behavior. Fat our factoid. When it gets too hot, bees bring in water and pour it over the honeycombs, then flap their wings 400 times a second to create a cross draft which cools the air in the hive. Instincts are things animals do without learning. Think about geese. Honk! In a cold climate, a flock of geese will automatically fly south in the fall. As autumn days grow shorter, a gland in geese releases a chemical that Makes the birds migrate. So you see, instincts are built in. Animals are born with them. Have fun learning about some of the wild, weird and wonderful things animals do by instinct! Dunkers. Does instinct make you dunk your cookies in milk? No, you probably learned it from someone. But this animal dunks its food in water to make it softer and easier to swallow. Do this dot-to-dot to find out which animal is a dunker by instinct. Blue Streak. To attract a mate, the satin bowerbird male decorates his nest with anything blue he can find: feathers, berries, flowers, bits of glass, plastic scrap. Can you decorate this nest so the bowerbird will find a mate? FAR OUT FACTOiD. Cuckoo birds lay their eggs in other birds' nests for them to incubate and hatch, choosing a bird whose eggs match the cuckoo's in color. Far Out Factoid. Emperor Penguins have such strong maternal instincts that they will try to hatch stones and frozen eggs! True or false? 1. Blind chameleon can still camouflage itself by turning colors to match its surroundings. Far out Factoid. Badger believe in spring cleaning. They air out their bedding when the weather begins to warm up. Rubbings 2. A male bear rubs against trees. A cat rubs against a person for the same reason. Do you know why? Far Out Factoid. It's a shrew is frightened: one baby's tail and so on so they can escape together. Exterior Designer. 3. This called the decorator crab. Can you guess why? Far out factoid. Do you know why a firefly flashes at night? It's looking for a mate. There may be several different kinds of fireflies in your yard at the same time, yet they are able to find the right mates because each species has a different way of flashing. What about you? 4. Most human behaviour is learned. But when you were a tiny new baby, before you began to learn, you had instincts. Here are two. Can you name them? For additional recipes, visit 100% Quality Guaranteed: Like it or let us make it right that's our quality promise. 877-932-7948.