JUST BARE Natural Fresh Chicken Thighs | Antibiotic Free | Boneless | Skinless | 1.25 LB

Hand-trimmed boneless, skinless. Traceable to family farms. Raised with no antibiotics-ever. Fed a vegetables & grain diet. Natural (Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients). Up to 4% retained water. Raising goodness. Our mission is good food for more people. To fuel your passions and a healthier future. And it all starts with our chickens. Certified American Human. HumaneHeartland.org. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Learn the location of the family farmers who raised the chickens that were processed the day your package was made. Simply enter the traceability code. Gluten free. No added hormones. Federal regulation prohibits the use of hormones in poultry. Recyclable tray. Please check your local recycling site requirements before attempting to recycle tray. 100% Goodness Guarantee: Our promise of goodness is simple. 100% satisfaction. Every package or your purchase value back. Visit JustBareChicken.com. More on American Humane Certified at HumaneHeartland.org. Join us: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram. Contact us: Bare Care Line: 1-877-328-2838 (8 am-4 pm mountain time). Hatched, raised and harvested in the USA.