Earthbound Farm Organic PowerMeal Salad & Topping Blueberry Quinoa

Earthbound Farm® Organic Power Meal Blueberry Quinoa Salad & topping. Powerfully delicious, complete & ready-to-eat. Protein balance. Quinoa, baby spinach, sunflower kernels, dried blueberries, balsamic vinaigrette. USDA organic. 9g protein. 6g fiber. Total fat: 22g if all dressing is used. Dressing net 1.45 fl oz (43ml). Processed in U.S.A. Perishable. Pre-washed. No preservatives. Please consume by the "Use By" date on the top label. After opening, reclose and refrigerate any unused product. Gluten free. @earthboundfarm on facebook and twitter, too. Certified organic by CCOF Questions or comments 1-800-690-3200. ©2011 Earthbound Farm.